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Cardi B Donates $100K to Her Childhood School in the Bronx

Cardi B surprised the staff and students at IS 232 in the Bronx on Tuesday when she visited her former middle school to deliver a powerful speech on the importance of public schools and the impact of a quality education. “Cardi B announces she’s donating $100K to I.S. 232 in the Bronx, where she used to be a student,” NBC New York Digital Reporter Kay Angrum captioned a video on Twitter of Cardi B entering the school on Tuesday.




The clip, filmed by Angrum’s friend, a teacher at the school, shows the “Up” singer stepping into an auditorium of screaming and applauding children and school staff. The school hosts just under 300 students in the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades, according to ABC7 NY. As the students wave and exchange looks of shock, Cardi B makes her way to the front of the room, where she’s joined by The New York City Schools Chancellor David Banks and K Bain, founder and executive director of Community Capacity Development, an organization with the goal of providing BIPOC communities with the tools for sustainable growth. “Don’t let those [other] rappers tell you that school is not important, because you never know who you’re going to meet,” she said in an interview with CCD posted just hours after her visit.



Following her speech, Cardi B, who has kept a close relationship with her hometown since her rise to fame, surprised Principal Desiree Resto with her $100K pledge. “We are thrilled to welcome Cardi B back home to I.S. 232 in the Bronx, and we are so grateful for her generous contribution to her alma mater,” Banks said. “Cardi B’s commitment of $100,000 for the arts will help the school’s kids soar to their highest heights. Thank you, Cardi.”



For Cardi B, who grew up in a low-income neighborhood, education was an escape. After graduating from Herbert H. Lehman High School, the rapper enrolled in Borough of Manhattan Community College. While she eventually dropped out in favor of pursuing her music career, Cardi B still views education at all levels as a valuable resource that each child, especially those in marginalized communities like her hometown, deserves access to.


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