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Cardi B Says That God gave it to me so I gotta pop it ,I’m standing on business I’m ready about it

Cardi B is known for her bold statements and confidence, often expressing her determination and strength through her words. The quote, “God gave it to me so I gotta pop it, I’m standing on business I’m ready about it,” encapsulates her assertive attitude and readiness to face any challenge.

This statement reflects her belief in her innate talents and abilities (“God gave it to me”), indicating a sense of purpose and destiny in her success. The phrase “so I gotta pop it” suggests her intention to fully utilize and showcase these gifts, making the most of her opportunities. “I’m standing on business” emphasizes her seriousness and commitment to her career, while “I’m ready about it” conveys her preparedness and determination to handle any situation. The knife emoji () adds an element of fierceness and readiness to cut through obstacles.

Cardi B’s words often resonate with her fans who admire her resilience and drive. This quote, like many of her others, highlights her confidence and unwavering dedication to her craft and success.

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