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Cardi B with Rob Floyd, Cahcki and Gottmilk for Whipshots launch in Santa Monica

Cardi B recently teamed up with mixologist Rob Floyd, fashion designers Cahcki and Gottmilk for the launch of Whipshots in Santa Monica. Whipshots is a new brand offering flavored whipped cream infused with alcohol, and the event was a celebration of its debut.

Cardi B’s involvement in the launch added a touch of glamour and excitement to the event, drawing attention from fans and media alike. The collaboration with Rob Floyd, known for his innovative cocktails, and fashion designers Cahcki and Gottmilk, known for their edgy and stylish designs, created a buzz around the Whipshots launch.

The event in Santa Monica was likely a star-studded affair, with Cardi B, Rob Floyd, Cahcki, and Gottmilk showcasing their talents and creativity. Whipshots aims to bring a new and exciting experience to consumers, combining the indulgence of whipped cream with the fun of flavored alcohol.

Cardi B’s participation in the Whipshots launch reflects her ongoing success and influence in the entertainment and fashion industries. Her presence at the event likely helped to generate excitement and interest in the new brand, making it a memorable and successful launch.

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