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Dua Lipa Matched Her Cherry Nails to Her Hair at the Golden Globes

Paired with a Mermaid Barbie-approved dress.


2024 was undoubtedly the year of Barbie. It took over our wardrobes with Barbiecore, took over beauty trends, and took over our playlists thanks to Ice Spice, Charli XCX, and, of course, Dua Lipa. The last of whom just walked the red carpet at the 2024 Golden Globes, thanks to the very song that we had on repeat all summer long.
“Dance the Night” off the Barbie soundtrack earned Lipa her first ever Golden Globes nomination for Best Original Song, and how could she not, seeing as the track went ultra-viral and did, indeed, make us want to dance the night away.



Once we got past the jaw-dropping beauty of the gown, we just had to obsess over her manicure. The season’s hottest nail color, cherry red, made it to the Golden Globes by way of Dua Lipa’s fingers. Recently, it’s become clear the singer has an affinity for the color—after all, it’s the official shade of her new musical era. So, of course, she combined her tribute to Mermaid Barbie with some hints of her current project.
The manicure in question was short and natural-shaped. Each of her nails matched with the same ultra-glossy finish on top of the aforementioned cherry color. A pure cherry shade, it wasn’t any of the many spin-offs of the trend we’ve been seeing. It’s not cherry mocha or Boston University red; it’s just plain, tart cherry.


Of course, her matching hair was styled to perfection. Dua parted her hair in the middle with so much wave, bounce, and shine that we could see it through the camera. Underneath her new signature color, she brought the shade to her makeup. The star dusted some red blush on her glowing, hydrated complexion and finished off her glam with a mauve-y lip and long, fluttery lashes.

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